Sunday May 12th

Our Story

Jolleys Boathouse has always been one of Adelaide’s great places to dine.

Resting quietly and invitingly on the Banks of the River Torrens, a short stroll from Adelaide’s CBD, and greeting generations of diners on sunny afternoons or moonlit nights.

A classic then. A classic still. Always a delight for long-term diners and a wonderful and rewarding surprise for new ones. Relaxing, easy and first-class in every way.

If it’s been a while, time to remind yourself just what you have been missing.


Back in the early 1900s, the River Torrens was the weekend place to be.

Rowing regattas, parasols, straw Bottas and promenades. In this wonderful location, Jolleys Boathouse started life as a tea-room in 1913 – Devonshire teas, ice creams, sodas and sandwiches.

Sadly, by the late 1980s, it was a run-down, tumbledown kiosk.

Saved by some true believers, Jolleys quickly established itself as one of Adelaide’s “go-to restaurants”.

Long-term owner and well-known architect Barry Matthews was one of them.


By luck (or was it destiny?), Head Chef Harry Bourne arrived in Adelaide with an enviable track-record having started his career at the Michelin-starred Bath Priory Hotel in England and worked in some of the world’s best kitchens including Sydney’s acclaimed Quay Restaurant.

“Jolleys is very special. I love the story of its origin. Inspirational. Great produce, great food, great wine and great friends. A simple formula – yet so right.”

“I want everyone to feel my enthusiasm and energy for what Jolleys offers.”


Best described by our Chef Harry Bourne: “Our seasonal menu is classic European with a French influence, with choices that highlight South Australia’s best fresh produce.”

“My aim is to ensure Jolleys relevance to today’s diner. The structure of the menu, what’s on offer, what you order and how you order.”

“Obviously, I want to satisfy existing customers, but I also want to welcome and surprise new diners.”

Click link below to see an example of our current “changing daily” menu.

OUR WINE & ...

From the very start, one thing that Jolleys customers all agreed on was the quality and depth of our wine list.

Today, particularly in South Australia, there is an abundance of quality wines. Classic varieties and emerging varieties. Red, white, rosé and sparkling.

Also different beer brands and styles. Plus a constantly changing Top 10 of the most popular cocktails.

Rest assured we take great pride in our constantly evolving Wine Menu.


At Jolleys, we are strong believers in the power of “team”. Everyone knowing their role and working together to deliver an enjoyable experience.

We also want to break down barriers. So don’t be surprised if you see our chefs in the restaurant from time to time talking with our customers and getting their thoughts our food, our menu, our service and how we can improve the overall customer experience.

Our simple word for it is “hospitality”.

If you’d like to join our team, then send your resumé via the link below.


Over the decades, Jolleys has hosted hundreds of weddings, significant birthdays, large get-togethers with family or friends and confidential board and corporate events.

Chances are you’ve been to one or two.

Within walking distance of Adelaide Oval, Jolleys is also an ideal location for a pre-game function.

Upstairs and downstairs, we have a number of flexible options that can be tailored to work for you. All with magnificent River Torrens views.

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